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Finding and acquiring the right business is not easy.  Most successful acquisitions are the result of a disciplined process aimed at clearly understanding your goals and objectives, the resources available to complete the acquisition, the acquisition candidates that may be available and developing and conducting a strategy to conclude the transaction.

The first step is a review of your business plan and understanding the objectives of an acquisition.  Is the business to be a stand-alone operation or are you looking to augment an existing business.  Are you looking to add a new product line, establish a new customer base or expand into new territories?  Are you better suited owning a franchise and having the operational discipline such businesses bring?  These things need to be understood to develop an acquisition plan.

The second step is to understand the resources available to conclude the acquisition and what limitations there may be on those resources.  How much capital do you have access to on your own without seeking financing?  Must the acquisition be leveraged?  Will you need seller financing?   The answers to these questions help develop a realistic acquisition strategy.

The third step involves developing a list of potential acquisition candidates, prioritizing that list, and developing a strategy to determine availability, make contact and commence discussions.

The final step involves concluding the transaction:  preparing an offer, negotiating the terms, conducting “due diligence” and closing the deal.  This is a complex and time-consuming process and an experienced intermediary will always add value to this process.

We are ready to assist you in finding and acquiring the right business for you, including finding the right kind of franchise.  To register and receive early notification of businesses we list that might be of interest, please complete and submit our Buyer's Profile.  Or call for a free consultation.  



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