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You have devoted a lot of time and effort to building your business.  It has taken a lot of work.  Now you are considering your exit plan, which may include selling your business.

Our business is to assist you in developing and executing the exit strategy that best meets your goals.  The selling process is difficult and involves a great deal of effort.  Maximizing the value of your business and achieving a successful transfer requires a disciplined process, and the process works best if it is managed by a professional.

The first step in the process is priortizing the owner's goals. When does the owner want to exit the business and on what conditions? To whom does the owner wish to transfer the business? What actions are necessary to achieve a successful transfer?   The second step is planning. If the business is to be transferred to an insider, what steps are necessary to achieve a successful transfer?   If to a third party, what actions are necessary? This involves more than a plan and financial   projections.  How can the business be best presented to potential buyers?  Where will they see the value and how will they assess the risks?  This step may also involve a valuation of your business by an independent third party.  It must involve an analysis of your personal financial goals and any other goals associated with the sale of the business.

The third step is preparing the business for sale.  No matter how well-run the business, it needs to be looked at from the point of view of an investor.  The investor does not know the business as well as you.  And investors often have advisors whose biggest concern is about being held responsible if some unknown problem later appears.  The biggest single cause of acquisition discussions falling apart is a “surprise” occurring during due diligence.  Surprises can be avoided, but all potential “surprises” need to be identified and planned for, while preparing the business for sale.  An experienced intermediary who has dealt with both buyers and sellers in many different types of businesses can help.

The fourth step is marketing.  This involves identifying potential buyers, developing sales and presentation materials, preparing for due diligence and screening buyers.

The final step is deal management.  During this phase you will meet with qualified, pre-screened buyers and present the business.  You may receive a formal offer or a buyer may proceed with more informal discussions.  As the deal progresses, we will work with to achieve a transaction that meets your goals.  We will also support you through the due diligence process and help close the deal.

The overall process is time consuming and involves a great deal of work.  It is a mistake to try to “go it alone” in order to save a transaction fee. For a preliminary, confidential estimate of the saleability and value of your business, please complete the Seller's Questionaire 



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