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Seller Representation.  The sale of a business is a complex, dynamic and time consuming process.  We follow a well defined process to properly prepare the business for sale and conduct the selling effort in a manner to maximize the chances of success.  We guide sellers through every step of the process with the goal of minimizing risks and maximizing value.  Our mission is to achieve our client's goals in a timely, cost efficient and professional manner.  To do so we charge a "success fee" based on the nature and value of the transaction.  We believe the fees paid will be more than covered by the increase in the value of the transaction and reduction of risk.

Buyer Representation.  There is more to a successful acquisition program than just finding a business and negotiating a purchase.  Successful acquisitions require (i) a great deal of prior planning to identify the goals to be achieved and the potential acquisition candidates that might assist in achieving those goals and (ii) experience in negotiating and concluding the transaction.  Some buyers, for example, may be better suited to acquire a franchise.  We can assist in evaluating the opportunities and finding the best type of business for you, taking into consideration your goals, objectives and business strengths.  And we can assist in managing the process and bringing the transaction to a successful conclusion. 

Exit Planning.  Exit Planning involves assisting business owners in identifying and implementing actions necessary to best achieve the business owners goals. Such plans are best prepared and implemented well in advance (from 2 to 10 years) of the business owner's planned date for leaving the business and involves implementing actions to protect the owner's interests prior to the planned departure date. Exit planning starts with identifying and prioritizing the owner's goals and what actions are necessary to achieve those goals, coordinating those actions with the owner's other professional advisors (attorneys, accountants, tax advisors, financial planners and the like. It results in a written road map to achieve the owner's goals.

Management Buy Outs and Leveraged Buy Outs.  A great management team is critical to the success of MBOs and LBOs.  We work closely with the management team and its other professional advisors to strengthen both the perception and reality of the team by sharpening the focus of the business strategy and how it is communicated to others.  We also assist by coordinating the acquisition strategy and concluding the transaction. 

Strategy Consulting.  We have assisted both large and small businesses in evaluating their business opportunities and alternatives and developing strategic plans and specific task actions to accomplish their goals.  These services are provided an agreed upon consulting fee based on the nature and scope of the assignment.

Business Valuations.  We are experienced in valuing both stand-alone businesses and businesses operated as a part of a larger business organization and we can assist in valuing a business you own or a business you want to acquire.



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