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Jed Davis advises business owners on exit planning and strategies nationwide and assists business owners in acquisitons and divestitures in Southern California. Jed is affiliated with Murphy Business and Financial Corporation and is Vice President, Mergers and acquisitions for Murphy Business & Financial Corporation-Socal. Murphy is the nations "premier" business brokerage firm and provides a wide range of financial services to businesses throughout the United States. Our goals are to maximize the value achieved for our clients in an acquisition and achieve the maximum return for our clients in a divestiture. We focus on transactions involving small and medium size businesses and we have worked with individual buyers and sellers of all sizes, including start-up businesses. We believe small and middle market transactions are just as important as large transactions and deserve the same professionalism and expertise that is available through large investment banks, but is often not available for smaller transactions.

Mr. Davis is experienced is all aspects of acquisitions, divestitures and strategic alliances and we use our experience to make a difficult process much easier. Acquisitions and divestitures are complex and difficult transactions. For most business owners, they are out-of-the-ordinary transactions and involve different issues and solutions than those encountered in day-to-day business operations. This is true whether you want to buy a business or sell a business and it is true regardless of the size of the transaction. A well managed approach is very important. Just as important is the ability to anticipate potential obstacles and be prepared with creative solutions. This is why experience is such a critical factor in concluding successful transactions.

To us, small and mid-sized transactions are our bread and butter, not a training ground for less experienced personnel. And the difference is important. Experience allows us to find innovative solutions to difficult problems; to bridge the gaps between the parties that occur in all acquisitions. We believe the success of a transaction, for both buyers and sellers, depends on many factors beyond just the price paid, and we strive to maximize the total value of the transaction for our clients. We also understand the risks associated with a failed transaction, which can be very costly to all parties in terms of both time and money. You can rely on our experience to minimize the risks.


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